Diana Malyshevska

is creating Digital, Graphic, Oil Portraits and Illustrations
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About Diana Malyshevska

Hello there!

My name is Diana and I'm so glad you took time to stop by and I hope you will consider supporting me!

I fell in love with drawing as a little girl and have loved it since!
During my whole life I was trying my hand in different styles of fine art, but since I drew my first portrait in 2011, I chose to work mainly in this genre. I also consider myself a cinematography fan, that's why you'll see a big number of fan-arts, especially Marvel Cinematic Universe arts on my page. Also quite frequently you'll see paintings dedicated to Formula 1, so whether you're a fan of autosport and art, you're welcome to this page.

If you saw my instagram account, you guys probably know that I am not really the type of artist who take money from my drawings. I prefer drawing for fun but I know it will get me into financial problems sooner or later.
Your money goes specifically to supporting my artwork, which includes buying ink, paper,brushes, etc. This Patreon program is specifically to offset the costs of running my art career.

I hope this platform serves as a place where not only can you support me, but where you can be inspired!