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Surely you came in here and you asked yourself what it was all about.
This Patreon it's a little campaing to carry out my personal project: open a blog. And what I try to do here is to offer what is best done: write; and thus help others.
And yes, I know that this could sound stupid; it’s just for a blog. But, for me it’s more than that, it’s a just for a blog. But, to me, it's more than that. It’s my goal, my dream. A dream that can become a job, for others.

Before you turn back and go to find something better to do, I would like you to at least listen to my story and the reason for this project. So if you really want to stay and really care, please read on, I would appreciate it with all my being.

My name is Namjoon Rojas, and i’m 18 years old. I’m student of tPhysiotherapy in the UNEFM University. I was born and grew up in one of the richest countries in oil, minerals, landscape and vegetation in Latin America, Venezuela. I come from of a little family (of middle class) of 4 people, where the only one that supports us is my mother, who is a preschool teacher.

My dream and goal it's open a Fashion Blog to share my way of thinking, my tastes, knowledge with other people. And turn it into my job.

Currently, Venezuela is going through a very large (too) economic crisis, which for us Venezuelans has cost us everything. Inflation is so high, that the minimum wage will never reach you to cover the basic basket and other necessary things. How? Well, the salary is currently 1,800 sovereign bolivars (new currency conversion). You'll say "hey, but it's okay"; no, it's not right If we add all the zeros that have been eliminated from the currency (which is super devalued) it would be 180,000,000,000 bolivars. Yes, that is the exact figure; that isn’t enough for nothing ...

There is no money, no food, no medicine or medical equipment, no life, there is nothing. Sometimes we don't even have water, gas, electricity, telephone signal, or internet. And to complete, the insecurity is very horrible, even the police themselves can hurt you ... Even education is not good!

Now, you will say, "Why don't you just do a campaign to raise funds for your family?" No, even with the little we have, and the great effort of my mother, I dare to say that we are well. We don't lack food, however little it may be; my brother and I are studying and there's always some help. But, beyond that little, we cannot afford luxuries or other things. For that reason I decided to do this campaign, to fulfill my goal.

If you have come this far and still want to stay, then we go to the ones that really matter...


For some time now I have been enjoying this topic of writing and sharing my knowledge and tastes with people. I liked fashion, I liked to teach and instruct about topics that I handled, and everything I learned with others (my friends), who did not know or sometimes had an incorrect or short concept / idea of those topics. But it was'nt until my 18 years that I realized that what I liked so much could be something beyond a hobby, it could become a job, a way of expressing my way of thinking and seeing things, towards others; a help.

This personal project consists of the creation and financing of a blog (including the purchase of work material), focused on fashion. Where it's sought to share all those knowledge to others, through post informative, reports, reviews, recommendations, tips, tutorials, etc .; expose my own fashion concept. Hoping to be able to contribute a grain of sand doing what I love and that others also love. To be able to interact with these people, help them, etc. 

This blog tries to do the same as any other fashion blog, but in a different way, with new concepts, in a more striking and creative way. Try to teach a part of the freest fashion, dedicated to you, but without leaving aside my way of seeing fashion.

If you want to contribute to the cause, even if you only share the project with others, I will thank you with all my soul. And maybe, there may be rewards later.


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