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About L. K. Benge

With vivid imagery words create a masterpiece in the mind. Art created by ones minds eye. When described one does not just read about petals falling from trees. Yet see the perfect painted canvass of cherry blossom petals, softly drifting in a gentle wind, fluttering around her like the first snow flurry of the year
-Excerpt from "Poetry Paints Minds" by L.K. Benge

L. K. Benge is a gender queer person, who began channeling their emotions on their upbringing in the late 1990s. Firmly placed in a generational category, they toil away at their arts daily. A wandering soul with itchy feet, they have traversed the main land of the United States in search of beauty and stories. Being able to share with others who have lived the tumultuous life of growing up as a non gender conforming person, stifled by religion and family. They have taken years to be able to come out as what they are. 

L. K. Benge writes poetry and fantasy stories that anyone can enjoy. Not just about gender and sexual identity issues, but also about basic human issues of growing up in an unstable world, dealing with a turbulent economy, and achieving ones personhood in a society that simply wants conformity. 

L.K Benge is a proud parent of 1 small human of 10, 1 tiny human of 2, as well as 1 cat shaped and 1 dog shaped furbabies. 
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