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About Nazaarth

Hello everyone, I'm Vasilis (a.k.a. Nazaarth, Billy Sinner).
I was born and raised in Greece from an Egyptian father and a Swedish mother (how did they even met?!?!) 

I am a musician but I love gaming and comedy, so I created a YT channel to make videogame playthroughs, World Of Warcraft Guides, League of Legends videos and some comedy ones. Though, they are in Greek, I would love to make more content, to advice people about new things in World of Warcraft, do some new builds in League of Legends, make some playthrougs of some spooky horror games (so you can watch me scream like a baby!) and more! Also, I will consider on making some of the content in english or subtitled!

Though, I was always shy and I cringed everytime I uploaded a video or streamed, I always think that people will not like it or they will find it "bad" and "silly". Let's change that!

My goal is to make 2 -3 videos every week and make different kinds of videos! I'm also looking forward on making a mini-series (5-10 min episodes) but that's a future plan!

My pc isn't really helping on recording (bad gpu cause my previus one was destroyed when I moved to new apartment) and the last video I tried to record had low fps. So, on my way to buy a new one!


In my channel you will see Let's plays, WoW guides and news, LoL gameplays, comedy and tba a mini series! Wanna help me reach that goal? :)

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When I reach 300$I will start to create my World of Warcraft guide videos and focus also on making the League of Legends videos also!
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