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    I'm currently work full time as a Software Engineer.

    As fun as that is and as much as I love writing software what I really want to be doing is MAKING GAMES but it seems I'm mostly incompatible with most the game studios.

    First and foremost I'm working on a new game, a Tower Simulator inspired by simulator games from the early 90s. Sign up to the mailing list on the games website to receive updates on the games progress

    Back in april... 

    Just this week resurrected an old project a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, I started it a long time ago and didn't get very far, but I picked it up Easter bank holiday weekend and finished implementing the CPU instruction set(accounting for the various addressing modes, and not so much timing YET) and have since gone on to begin implementing the PPU. EDIT: The emulator is now somewhat working.

    On the back burner... 
    The other thing I'm working on is a game engine, its a long running task and generally quite ambitious. It's been somewhat a battle against technical debt the project having again been ongoing for quite some time has become a bit hairy but I am committed to fighting through it. There has been a game I had in mind for quite some time but feels like that dream is still very far away.

    Please feel free to check me on out on facebook, twitter, steam, github etc…
    Twitter: @Alzonboy
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