Dachi Medzvelia

is creating Paint, Gaming, and lots of stuff
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if my channel grows and i have a good pc for gaming every one that gets this tier will be in my videos.




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About Dachi Medzvelia

Hi. How are things going, my name is Dachi and im from georgia. i have a dream of becoming a streamer and make awesome videos on twitch and also on youtube. that is the only dream in my life but my family isnt that wealthy to buy me that much stuff. also this summer my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer and is getting treatment that costs a lot of money. i know i am very happy and have lots of friends but im not on the inside. i appreciate even cents that i receive and thank you a lot for supporting me with your hard earned money
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im trying to see how this does and i want to see how it works and im not asking for a lot every dollar is appreciated. this money will go to all the accessories for streaming .love you
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