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About the Wandering Bard

the Wandering Bard is a figure shrouded in mystery. Moving from locale to locale exploring communities and connecting people through music and art is what he's about. Preserving the stories, tunes and songs of the people who came before us is what he does. Join him on his journey and help in his mission of keeping traditions alive, giving us the history of folk music from around the world, and carrying the torch that's been passed along from previous generations as he collaborates with musicians of all kinds and artists of every variety. Know that all of your contributions go directly back into local communities to support the musicians and artists that make each corner of the world unique and beautiful.
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The greatest journeys start with humble beginnings. Every dollar thrown into a fiddle or guitar case when I go out busking is like a small thank you or show of support from the community. When I reach this goal, I'll record an exclusive 30 minute concert just for Patreon as a thank you to those who supported me getting the Wandering Bard off the ground, replete with incense, candles, stories, music and maybe even a surprise guest!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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