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Hello everyone, my name is Kyle. My gamer tag is TheVeteranWolf120803. I am a disabled US Army veteran. I served two tours in Iraq and a total of 10 years in the Army as an Infantryman. Since I have a bunch of mental issues, I cannot hold a job, the state and the VA put me at 100% disabled so I sit around the house and do nothing all day.

I have found that playing video games can distract me from thinking about the past and going into deeper and darker places. I started watching someone stream Destiny 2: Forsaken and decided that I wanted to do the same. So here I am! I usually stream early in the morning, as that is when my internal alarm clock goes off and tells me it’s time to be up!

If you are wondering why you would donate money to someone who is just playing video games. Well I can give you a reason; 80% of all total tips and donations that I get will go to veteran organizations. That’s why I am doing this, to raise money for organizations that help veterans. So please take the time to consider tipping/donating. (Click the “Shop Now” button.)

Now if you are wondering what the numbers at the end of my gamer tag mean, they are the date that we had our first casualties in Iraq on my first deployment in 2003.

Well that is all I can think of for the moment, I am sure that I can and will add more later, thanks for taking the time to read!

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