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Our witty banter and sometimes brazen behavior (ok, fine, yes, we're a little crude...sawry!) will have you wondering if we are truly Mother & Daughter! We ARE, but what makes our chemistry so ridiculously awesome is that we are also best friends (Awwww). It's not uncommon for Mothers and Daughters to be best friends (or SAY they are) however, it tends to happen later in life, and since I refuse to grow up and Mya is way more mature than I am, we meet in the middle!

Our interests connect us in a way that bonds lifelong BFFs. We share a love of all things creepy, disturbing, and mysterious…and quirky. Mya was raised on horror movies, cult classics… and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Do we have matching Buffy tattoos? Why yes, yes we do!)
Parenting: I'm doing it right.

We spend most of our time being dorks, talking about weird stuff and because We Think We're Funny we thought it was only right to share our hilarity with the world. We want to invite others to be a part of our wacky conversations when we talk about things like murder, crime, conspiracy theories, paranormal, legends, and mythology…and have them be a part of our private jokes.

All (bad) jokes aside, we are both so excited to be doing this. We hope to impart interesting facts and share fascinating stories while empowering our listeners to embrace their inner dork and laugh at their own jokes. This is an incredible experience to be undertaking together, and it is bringing us even closer. As much as that, in itself, is rewarding enough, we are passionate about taking this venture as far as we can. We are just a couple of unfamous (not even a word but I'm using it) chicks from Canada with no connections or backers so we can't achieve our Podcast goals without Patron support.

We thank you so much for helping a Mother and Daughter achieve something great together!
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