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Meet Junis, HipHop’s 1st Astro-Numerologist. Born and raised out of Brooklyn, Junis always had a passion for music and Hip-Hop but also possessed a spiritual aptitude for the unknown. Specifically dealing with astrology and numerology (the study of signs and numbers). So throughout the years, Junis would work on his craft as a rapper always writing, understanding the science behind it while later simultaneously studying esoteric science dealing with astrology and numerology. While continuing his studies in esoteric science, he began to apply it in his everyday life to see if it would have an impact on his life. Sure enough it did! His passion for hip hop started to shift more towards spirituality but there were times he felt this emptiness, this void, when he wouldn’t listen to or write music. ’Til one day, he came up with a brilliant idea to create a show talking about astrology and numerology dealing with Hip-Hop Artists and more. Naming it The Star In You. Junis breaks down the traits and characteristics of your favorite artists by breaking down their birthdays! You’ll get to know who’s what sign, why they rap the way they do, their styles etc. and whats even cooler, if you happen to have the same birthday as the particular artist he speaks of, then you get to know a little more about yourself as well!
Let Your Inner Light Shine!

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