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About New Politics

Last presidential election in the US has been a surrealistic act, in which negative campaign took harvest, and citizens of the global superpower had to agree for the lesser evil (regardless of how they defined it). Is it possible that among 330M people living in this mighty country, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump proved to be the best possible candidates? Political systems are ineffective all around the world. Manipulation with public emotions and showmanship all too often take precedence over competence and real merit.


Mission of the New Politics is to fight nepotism and cronyism. We combine values of Plato's meritocracy with principles of the modern democracy to ensure power goes to the best people. No one will give up on influence just because he/she does not deserve it, but we Citizens, decide who we vote for and what kind of world we want to create. This is a daunting task, but the most important is always to make the first step!


Our ambitions are great, but approach remains realistic. In the first stage we need money to build structures, first in Poland, then expand globally. By donating you allow Dr. Tobiasz Mazan and his team to work full-time for the cause and make sure our vision won't be defeated by the everyday challenges.
Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and start a social movement that may change the way people think about politics. We want to do this by focusing on the principles of meritocracy and the ultra-transparency of decision-making processes. Everyone should be able to check why a given candidate became a minister or a MP candidate, and another has not. According to these rules, we want to put candidates in national election and then follow a policy based on knowledge and understanding, not on emotions, shouting and lies. Next chance comes in the autumn of 2019! Can we make it happen?

A similar way of thinking and acting should apply even in the business world. The objective here is to improve the quality of recruitment processes and candidate experience.

We deeply believe the positive impact can be achieved! If you consider our cause valid, please consider donating and help us make the first step.


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