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About Nicolai Brecht Romanow

I am a writer/historian, working since 13 years on french history of the grand siecle (17th century).

My main Novel series is titled Sardan after a Sardan de Paule, an wildly unknown adventurer off this time. Other characters off my fictional universe include the infamous King of Beggars, better known as the Grand Coesre. My storys will take you into the secret underworld of Paris and other mysterious places off this time.

So far I didn´t find an official publisher, nor was it possible to gain a reasonable audience.

Thats why I decvided to publish my lifetime work for free chapterwise on wordpress or wattpad

If you support me I will use the money for further research, marketing efforts and to make nicecly designed booklets for my novels.

I am happy for any support. Please read share and like my stories, or give me a comment, feedback.
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