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A long time go...
Myself and a few friends started making videos of us playing a table top war game called Warhammer 40,000. We have a strong passion for this game and we wanted to share our love of this game with other people. 
These videos have changed a lot though out the years and we kept on getting more and more views. But at the same time, other people are posting the same videos but are getting more views and subscribers, some of them have been around for much less time than us. What the biggest difference between our game videos and the other people's videos is that they have better items available to them to use. On the other hand, our models that we have doesn't stack up against their's. As of right now, we are recording most of our videos at the local game stores. While they do have great terrain and better lighting than my basement, there is one big problem, noise. Because these gaming areas are open to the public, there is a lot of back round noise that can be hard to heard in these videos. Our plan is to set up a much more quieter studio in my basement. We don't have to worry about finishing up our games before the store closes too. Most of us are either college students (like myself writing this) or work till late in the night were we might get a few hours to play before they close.

"What will you be doing with these funds?" you might ask. Great question. With the funds that we raise, we will be buying the following items:

-Better camera
-Camera stabilizer
-Better video editing software
-Better terrain
-Better lighting
-Misc items to make a studio to film in

Up to this point in time, everything has been self funded which makes buying these items either super hard to buy or might take longer to buy because of bills and other life things going on that needs our money.

So, help us, a group of friends who has a dream to make their gaming videos much better.

Thank you :)
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