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Select a membership level
Poké Ball
per month
  • Patrons get Gold themed names in Discord.
  • Invitation to Patron-only Discord channel
  • Decide what are the winning criteria for the next Community Day 
Includes Discord rewards
Great Ball
per month

  • Global Emotes will be available to use in Discord (For Nitro users)
  • Server pins will be presented once goal has been achieved (coming soon)
  • Includes all of previous tier rewards
Includes Discord rewards
Ultra Ball
per month
  • Credited monthly to top contributors in #hall-of-fame
  • (coming soon)
  • Includes all of previous tier rewards 
Includes Discord rewards




per month


Hi there! This discord server is to create a cohesive community where Pokemon GO players can share their achievements or discuss strategies with others.
With implementation of monthly featured Community Days and Legendary Raid Days, it would be a lot more fun to play the game as a group. 
$7 of $150 per month
Server's pin will be designed and presented to those Great Ball tier and above
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