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Smaller less detailed aircraft.
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Here you will find my Smaller less detailed aircraft like Cessna's, pretty straightforward right?
Small-medium Private aircraft.
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Also straightforward, just Small to medium private aircraft.
Medium aircraft
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As an alternative to my Small-medium Private aircraft these are the standard medium aircraft.
Sort of big aircraft (e.g. B737-800
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These are the mid size commercial planes, Up to the sizes of stuff like the A321
Big aircraft
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787's and stuff like that.
Double Decker aircraft
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Here you will find my 747's and A380's
Very big aircraft
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Very big...
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This tier is basically just for the AN-225




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So I like Aviation, Palaeontology and lots lots more. As you can tell from my profile picture I am a Star Wars fan. (Please don't judge what I'm about to say because I'm new to Patreon) I will be creating mostly creations for KSP and Stormworks on steam and possibly a bit of art so, have fun I guess!

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