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Oct 1 at 11:32pm
You've landed on Øivind H. Solheim's Patreon home page.

I am a creator of stories about humans and about life as I experience it. I write because it is a way of making myself feel I am alive. I create!

Please read on and explore what this is about.
Very briefly said it's about how to live a better life through writing :) 

- - - 
Who I am
Hello, I am Øivind,
I am an almost five dozen year old Norwegian writer.
I write
- articles, essays, short stories, novels and poems. I love experimental writing, trying out the possibilities of language - the sounds, the words and the music in the lines.
My published books
I have published five books in Norwegian, four novels and a poetry book. The last year I have published a lot of stories in English on Medium.
My topics and my interests
I write on life, focusing on people in relationships and people who are alone in periods. I am interested in exploring life through writing, based on my life experience and knowledge. I want to learn and share what life is all about, especially life as a partner in a relationship.
My poems
I have written many poems on love, loneliness and the dynamics in relationships, and I am in particular interested in long lasting relationships. What happens in a relationship that has lasted for years when the magic starts to fade? What can the partners do in order to save their relationship?
My articles
I base my writings on my experience, my life lessons learnt and my background as an educator and a novel author.
My beliefs 
I believe in truth. I must be true to myself, and I must speak truth to other humans, especially to my nearest ones.
I believe in the power of words to make impact and to contribute to a better world.
And I believe in the power of fiction as a way to spread truth about humans and existence.
Tiers I offer
I have written a number of stories - articles, essays, short stories and poems - and I offer these stories as part of my tiers proposed to patrons here on Patreon. Other services: Feedback and advice on creative drafts, follow online publishing of a novel, membership in Our Poetry Channel.

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