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Hello, I'm Mike Novotny - I'm an illustrator and animator, artist and musician, and right now I'm working on a children's book called Fuzzy Friends! I've illustrated books for other people so many times and I've always wanted to make my own book with my own story, and I finally have one that's inspiring and important enough to me that I just have to share it with the world! My girlfriend Autumn is pregnant with my baby girl, due Feb. 14th! The baby has had so many problems and complications, that it's been really hard on us, especially Autumn. So many nights have been spent praying at the hospital and asking God not to take my baby girl before I get to meet her...and I feel asleep one night at the emergency room, while I was telling my daughter a story like I like to do all the time, and I had my head on Autumn's belly and dreamed about the Fuzzy Friends coming into the womb to save my daughter. It was such a vivid dream, and the characters were so comforting and happy that it filled me with faith and hope that she will be ok. I think they are angels that take this form so children will see them as friends and they are sent by God to help sick babies all over the world. I had a dream about them helping repair the placenta that was detaching itself and saving her that night, and I had a warm feeling in my heart that my daughter was safe and the Fuzzy Friends were there to keep her company. So now I'm trying to get this book done in time for her arrival in February, and it would be great to get some help from everyone who is interested in helping me get this book published, and also helping us hopefully have some extra money to find a place to live before the baby is born. Autumn and I don't have a home right now, and I'm trying to figure out how to get her a place to live and a room for the baby all set up before Valentine's Day! We are also planning on getting married around Christmas time, and it just seems like everything is against us sometimes, but I'm trying to stay positive and just have faith that everything will workout for the best. I'll be uploading new artwork every week, and keeping everyone updated on the progress of the book, and how my baby is doing too! Check out some of my artwork and cartoons on my website - www.animatedbrains.com, and also my YouTube page and Twitter feed. Thanks for all of your help! I'm hoping to get the digital copies of the book out before Feb 14th, and hopefully have the hard copies ready to go soon after that. The Fuzzy Friends are here to stay, and my little baby girl is coming soon to meet us - I can't wait to see if she recognizes the Fuzzy Friends I drew and if they look the same to her as they do for me! It's a mystical, magical thing that's happening here - a miracle really - and it's an incredible story that I'd love to share with everyone!

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