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is creating poems, water mandalas, nature photographs

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Hi Patrons!

Thank you for your interest in my page. I'm Priya from Chennai, India, and a life learner and a creative rebel at heart.

I have all through my life, felt a deep connection to nature, who is my inspiration and muse for all my creative offerings. When I commune with nature, I dive deep into myself and build the container for inner alchemy. Every one of my creations is a product of a life experience that has touched me deeply, or a natural outcome of my deep contemplation. Most emerge from that container of inner alchemy where I've transmuted some stuff that has come up for me. So in essence, every creation is first a precious gift for myself, which I then happily give away and share with all of you. Every creation reeks of an outpouring of my whole heart and soul in that moment. Of shraddha. Of a deep, unfathomable devotion to all of life.

The water mandalas are special and something that called out to me only over the past year and a half, when I've been creating one almost every day! The shifting ground of water in the small clay uruli upon which I place and arrange what calls out to me every morning in my garden....leaves, twigs, flowers, feathers and such, was a zen practice I started to stay with and deal with an extremely challenging situation I was faced with over the past year. It reflects the journey I've been find that space of stillness and groundedness in an ever-shifting, unsteady ground.

My poetry is simple, yet deep, powerful and captures the undressed truth of the moment for me. It has a conversational, easy flavor to it, which is my brand.

Photography is not something that I've learned. I'm an intuitive photographer and have an eye for the frame in that moment, which I capture, inspired by the way that subject has captivated me and the feelings that it has evoked in me.

My intention is for these creations that have touched me deeply and sculpted me and my life, to touch your heart and soul in their own little ways.

My earnings from your support will help me immensely in the following:
1. to help sustain me and my large family of humans (my husband and son) and neighborhood felines and canines (who we care for like our very own family) at a time when we don't have a source of income
2. to help me raise money for an initial investment for an online business that I so want to do, so we can live the life that we so love as a family.

Thank you all for being here and wanting to walk with me.

much love,


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