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I began narrating audiobooks to help revise for parts of my Philosophy degree quite some time ago. I realized that after reading for hours my eyes would become sore and my mind tired of the monotony of absorbing information in the same repetitive manner. There needed to be some other way to augment my information processing for my degree. at this time i discovered audible which although fantastic in terms of quality narrations, dramatized or plain, required financial commitment in terms of subscriptions to buy credit. i was happy to go along with this for a while and it certainly contributed to my success; however, over time due to various factors it was becoming an issue.

At this point i discovered the equivalent of open source software for audiobooks, librivox. It was free and content was provided by volunteers. for more verbatim narration of complete classics it was perfect. my only gripe was that the audio quality and narration quality was often quite poor to the point it could be distracting from the significance of the content and i felt i could do better. Also it gave me a chance to upload some of my own work and works of others that i think people should have access to but were or are not readily available. To me it is something i found i enjoyed so i did it for free for myself and for others as a service. I started a SoundCloud account and began uploading recordings initially with a very poor netbook microphone to what I'm currently using which is my smartphone recording device! i definitely need better equipment! 😂 lol

I never thought much about monetizing myself as i felt i was always doing a service but i feel now, in part after seeing people record Youtube videos mostly copying word for word from Wikipedia articles and other works which are not their own and original and earning money from it, that maybe i should consider setting up a Patreon account to allow myself to be compensated for my time and work. In the spirit of collaboration and freedom i am already a happy Patreon Patron to 2-3 other people who's work i enjoy and support online and i know it helps them.

So without further ado, if you feel/think that my work has some value and I'm investing my time well please provide a little support. Recording entire works is fun but it is also tiring and time consuming. I work full time doing two jobs so finding time to do this and other pursuits is difficult but if you have a passion for something then I feel you can always make time. A bit of support would go a long way.

many thanks,

Mc. pikkles

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