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When I first moved to Maryland in 2007, I only vaguely knew about vultures or buzzards, and just used the blanket term "Turkey vultures " over the years.

However, it the past view months, through my close interactions with a local volt (you'll learn what that from my videos)  and online research and discussions with another "expert", I believe I can educate people and rid them of their negative attitudes toward this incredible creature. 
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I have taken some time off work for now, dealing with depression  and a few physical issues that part of me wonders if they are interrelated .

I spend a little time with the committee whenever I can. I take some food with me, usually  chicken gizzards and liver because that is the least expensive. Lol

The joke when I started this was that I was able to bring meat home from work that was considered "shrink", but these guys were still eating better than me! This was initially made possible by the team lead in our meat department.  I joked with her that my vultures informed me that they had adopted her as their fairy godmother. Her reaction was priceless,  telling me they were going to need to adopt someone else.
Even tho I had to move on to purchasing meat, I still gave her a gift: I found a frame that said "grandkids" all around it, and put the banner photo of the vultures spreading their wings in it.  I loved how hard she laughed, and she put it above her desk in the department. 
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