Tj Shredder

is creating music, software, Max/MSP
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About Tj Shredder

I am a Musician who creates his music with a custom made Max/MSP software called "Les Ondes Mémoriélles. Along creating my own software I also created a library of abstractions in Max/MSP to aid such projects. You can freely download my St.ools library from my dropbox. At the moment I am adapting this and do a lot of rewriting for the brand new Max 8. Your support will keep me going more easily... Less time to waist on bread jobs...
This will also aid my musical activities you can follow on my website and Soundcloud...
An example for what my music is like in a theatrical context you can see in this video. Its an excerpt from a live performance about the life of Gesualdo, me shredding Gesualdos music...