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About skelehime

Hello! I’m Nico and I make horror comics. I want to write genuinely scary stories and help others do the same! 

I’ve got two tiers:
  • The Unnerving Noise - $1
  • The Mysterious Silent Crowd - $3

The Unnerving Noise patrons are what keep me hurrying forward and casting fearful glances over my shoulder!

Patrons at this level get:
  • My gratitude!!! 

Patrons at this level will feel like they are literally hovering over my shoulder, watching me draw, bound to me for all eternity by their deepest regrets!!!

Examples of what you’ll get access to:
  • Alternate pages for The Magazine, which I first tried to draw in a totally different style.
  • My first ever drawings of Reina and Yasmine from The Sacker Street Ghost.
  • Journal comics on topics ranging from horror books to making comics to squabbles with my cat!
  • Story notes and scripts.
  • Thumbnails.
  • And so much more! 

Thanks for reading!

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I’ll add a physical rewards tier, where I'll send quarterly packages with drawings, stickers, a newsletter, and other cool stuff! And listen, I used to be a big on snailmail and pen pals and I used to run a little stationery shop so.......... you KNOW this is gonna be LEGIT 
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