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Hi, I'm Seb, nice to meet you. I am 30 years old. I started playing D&D over 15 years ago. I discovered D&D when my friend Chauncey introduced me to AD&D. My first character was a dual wielding berserker. This was in the early years of high school and I become instantly addicted. I would often DM for my friends and spent my weekends pouring over my D&D books while drawing maps and writing campaign story, nothing has changed since then.

I Joined roll20 at the end of 2016 when another friend of mine from school introduced me to the platform. I started running paid games in July 2016 and have evolved and developed my skills as a DM since then. I Run games of D&D 7 days a week and still want more!
I like to stick to the rules as much as possible when running published modules. I also like to practice voices for NPC's and love writing story's and building worlds in my numerous homebrew campaigns. I own every piece of published content by WoTC for D&D 5E and also many other resources such as Tome of Beasts by KFC. I devote most of my time and energy to D&D and to create the best experience possible for my players.

My discord channel is full of active players, many that have been with me for well over a year. You are welcome to join the channel and ask anyone in the group chat if you have doubts of the quality of my games. Message me for an invite to the channel, all are welcome.
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I will develop this Patreon page further adding more goals and fine tune the benefits once I get my first patron! :)
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