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About OverRevvedRacing

Welcome to the Patreon page for OverRevvedRacing.
Our personal projects are funded by us and our shop...   However we want to bring you MORE then just us "showing off our cars and building cars".  We want to involve you in this process.  We have a lot of plans for the future and are going to let our viewers make some decisions and suggestions.  Some of them may not come cheap but we want to let you live vicariously through us and some of our projects!  So we will let you make decisions!  Even stupid ones!
We are not just about cars either.   We are also geeks/nerds that like building crazy contraptions as well...  What kind you ask?  Well, some of the things we will be bringing to our channel are, HHO generators (we WILL make one power a mini ATV), crazy 3d printing experiments, running a mini ATV or Kart on Acetylene that is produced ON the kart, waste oil burners, wood gasification and more!  Helping us makes building these side projects a reality!

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