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At DERMPAV we create heritage vehicle restorations. We are very excited to launch our Patreon Channel. It is launched for those people that are excited about our heritage restorations, as we are about creating them. We would like to encourage you to become a patron of DERMPAV by committing to a monthly financial pledge of $15.00. I feel sure you would like something for your financial contribution, so please let me take some of your time to explain what you, our potential patron will receive for your monthly financial pledge.

In return for your kind contribution, of $15.00 per month. You will have access to exclusive video content that will not be available elsewhere. This exclusive video content will take you along into the nuts and bolts of our restorations as they occur. Your pledge amount will ensure that we can keep up to date with our restorations, allowing us to continually post content that keeps you informed of our progress and interested in our endeavours.

We have three restoration segments, On the Buses, When I rode the Rails, and Shop Talk, these will be posted at regular intervals as the restoration or activities occur. This will be raw footage with minimal editing, if you will. If you are a bus enthusiast this will provide you with regular updates throughout the year instead of waiting for the end of the year progress report on the Bus Australia Forum. Every four months we will sit down and present a series called Depot Talk where we will cover the following segments.

On tour with Sharprail – We discuss at length our past tours with small video snippets of these tours from our roving camera and the rail motors dash camera, we also discuss our upcoming tours.

On The Buses – We discuss the restoration of 560 with condensed footage from already posted video content, we talk about the challenges we face and the progress that has been made since the last depot talk segment.

When I rode the rails – We discuss the restoration of 64 RM and the maintenance activities of 58 RM, we talk about the challenges we face and the progress that has been made since the last depot talk segment.

Shop Talk – We discus all of the activities that have happened around the DERMPAV depot.

Closing the Loop – In this segment we discuss feedback that we have received from our patrons via letters and Emails that have been forwarded to us with suggestions or improvements to our Patreon channel. These can be sent to DERMPAV, P.O. Box 364W, Ballarat West, 3350, Victoria, Australia or to [email protected]

Depot Days – We are going to have a depot day once a year. Invitations will only be sent out to those people that support us through our Patreon channel. It will give you, our patron, the opportunity to see whichever restoration holds your interest close up. You will be able to meet, greet and discuss with the people that are creating these restorations the challenges they face completing the tasks you see from your home through our Patreon Channel.

We understand that becoming a Patron is not for everyone, a $15.00 monthly pledge is $180.00 over the twelve months. It is up to you if you proceed on to become a patron.

Once you make the financial pledge, we will again thankyou for this pledge and formally welcome you to the DERMPAV Patreon forum. All the existing video content listed on the channel will be unlocked for your viewing. All that will then remain, is for you to find a comfy chair and a glass of your finest or a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy following us as we create our heritage vehicle restorations.

Your financial commitment to DERMPAV enables us to securely move on with our restorations which in turn brings you, our patron, more content.

Many thanks for your interest and your time to read this, we hope this has sparked your interest sufficiently and encouraged you to become a patron of DERMPAV. We look forward to formally welcoming you.

Colin Kelly
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When we reach $800.00 per month we will continue to maintain our primary goal, to utilise these available funds to sustain our organisation into the future.  Meeting the everyday expenses that present themselves, insurance/s, plant and equipment and heritage vehicle annual certifications, restoration expenses, etc.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 89 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 89 exclusive posts

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