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Hi, I am a website creator. I mostly create small Weebly websites, just for fun. But, I want to try doing this for real. I have huge respect for Weebly because I've been creating websites with their system for a long time. So, I'm here to prove Weebly is a good beginner website system. Which brings me to my project: KIRBTIME. My website is simple... Starting off with 100 dancing kirb GIFs on my home page, you can expand my site by commenting on the main blog post and donating to my account. By donating, you give me the opportunity to sign up for G Suite so I can put ads on my page to make money, or to upgrade the site by getting paid memberships from Weebly. 

$0 of $20 per month
If I reach 20$ every month, I will add 1000 Kirbs to the home page
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