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Sky Watchers
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I was once at this level myself.  Patrons at this level won't be able to download any of the exclusive models or versions, but can explore the site for inspiration and will get access to all my models a month before I release them on Thingiverse.  

Midnight Sky Stars
per month

 Patrons at this level will get access to all the models I produce and will have access to them a month before I post them on Thingiverse.  I will also do occasional exclusive models at this level and above.  Midnight Sky Stars can vote in the monthly poll to help determine what model comes next.

Hunters of the Midnight Sky
Limited (25 remaining)
per month

patrons at this level get access to all my models, a month before they go to Thingiverse and full access to all exclusive models.  Hunters can also write in suggestions for other patrons to vote on in the monthly poll.


I design 3d models of star ships, buildings, vehicles, and other terrain and scenery items, along with game aids like token holders and unit base organizers for fellow gamers to improve their tabletop game experience.  I will be releasing my models through Thingiverse at their most basic level, and will provide Patrons with exclusive versions and models that will be unavailable elsewhere.  I will drive towards creating a new model monthly and will set polls so patrons can vote on what they'd like to see.
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When we reach $500 per month, we will create a tutorial video once per week and begin giving away one encounter set a month to a randomly selected active patron (encounter sets include a painted warband of miniatures with a leader and minions, and include background and suggested uses in games)
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