is creating multiple book series, website and possibly an animated series.
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About Fademo-Kaiser

Fademo-Kaiser is an Australian book and story writers group of young adults.

Some of their series to be released are:
  • Once Upon Academy (Mid-2019)
  • School of Monsters (Late-2019)
  • Demigod Academy (Early-2020)
  • Pirate High (Mid-2020)
  • Supernova High (Late-2020)

They wish for more ideas, such as, the superhero brands and Alien brands. They hope that one day this dream will come true. But to make it come true they will need illustrators. This will contribute largely.

Their future dream is to well...also create TV Series based off their stories, or have stories based off their TV Series. Fademo-Kaiser is wanting to look for animators to help create the TV Series. They wants funding to get equipment for them. 

Please fund.
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When Fademo-Kaiser earns $50 a month after 6 months we will release a trailer for each of our main books for 5 months.
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