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Blessing school of Ruziba
Blessing school of Ruziba is a school located in Ruziba, one of the semi- rural areas of Bujumbura in Burundi. It was started in 2014 and the aim is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and ignorance in the area by promoting education of quality. Currently, the school counts 132 students, 7 teachers and 2 assistants. The curriculum is in French with a good time allocated to English language to prepare them to the integration in East African Community where English and Kiswahili are the main languages. Some challenges are hindering the achievement of the goal. They include:
  • 1.Limited land which does not allow students to thrive in playing and learning
  • 2.Poor salary of staffs
  • 3.School materials and equipment: library, computer lab, books, game materials …
  • 4.Poor classrooms: small and of poor quality
  • 5.Etc.
By posting the videos here, we wanted to voice out the children and staffs to attract potential donors who would be willing to support this school in sorting out some of these challenges as above listed.

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