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I Am The Imagination Warrior.  We are ALL Imagination Warriors.  As we each "Wake up" from stagnated 3D lives to see the illusions created to keep us there, we open the door to New Earth.  When we take our seats on this rollercoaster ride with excited anticipation, we quickly begin to see it is like no ride we've been on before.  The push and pull of the tides in this change become more powerful with each wave we experience.  How we process this experience is the foundation for what is being built.  The "dark night of the Soul" is a catalyst for removing the old foundation on which we based our belief systems.  The new foundation often requires us to ask anew the questions we once thought we knew the answers to.  The answers to these questions can be found in the messages we receive from our Higher Selves.  Deciphering and applying those answers through the quantum lens of Higher Consciousness, provides many answers on multiple levels from a Higher Dimensional Perspective.  So, where do I come in?  I'm a translator and navigator with the goal of teaching others to translate and navigate for themselves, by finding the Sovereign Authentic voice from within.  I hope to assist the Collective Consciousness in having the confidence to allow their Higher Self to take over the driver's seat so, they can sit back and enjoy the ride.  As a friend, I hope to make you laugh, take you on adventures, share stories and provide affirmations.  I'll be there to hold your hand, cheer you on and provide my shoulder for the occasional tears.  No judgement, just compassion and understanding.  I gratefully and humbly receive your support in this endeavour.  Thank you
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