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About Andres Alvarez

Hello, dear Patrons.

I'd like to be as straightforward as possible. Some time earlier this year, I started in It was an interesting experience, met some good people, made friends, posted some of my fiction and poetry work and got some money out of it. However, the whole idea of whales (people or groups who have a lot of voting power and influence) was a kind of downer. Also, my internet connection doesn't seem to be in good terms with the page anymore (it doesn't load completely, thus I can't post stuff).

Nonetheless, at some point after getting some reputation in a group of writers, a person pointed me in this direction. Her username in Steemit is Fanisk. I haven't had contact with her in the past months, but I think she would be happy to see me trying to make my way in Patreon.

After that brief explanation, let's get to introduce myself. My name is Andrés Álvarez and I'm an English Teacher. More than that, I'm an artist; or at least art has been a key part of my growth process. Music, literature and even drawing have been part of m life since I can remember. But I have a problem right now. I've been working for so long in translations and other stuff as a freelancer that I have neglected my artistic development. I'm trying to fix that. However, there is a catch. I also live in Venezuela and I'm pretty sure a lot of you might have heard a thing or two about the situation of the country (in any sense possible). Art isn't something that gives you enough to help your family in here (well, it could, but I don't believe in selling myself to the whole propaganda business of the government). That's why I'm here. I wanna show my art to the world in a platform that is made with the sole purpose of helping artist create content while getting funding. It this case, the funds that I receive will help to not only create better content, but also helping my family with all the basic things that have become a luxury here: food, services, medicines, etc.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of patrons from the Renaissance to the Harlem Renaissance. The motivation given by this is hard to beat, only second to the personal satisfaction of the artist. This being said, I'm not the best writer, poet or musician. But I'm here to share a part of my soul with all of you. If you are willing to help, it means the world for me.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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