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About Potter's Poets

With more material than a fabric store; this 2 man band has all original songs, fresh lyrics, & never before heard melodies. These 2 guys write, record, produce, mix, edit, etc.  all their own videos and audio.

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With your help Potter's Poets can continue to create organically grown music: seeded with soulful songs, rooted in rock, cultivated in country, and formed in folk, Potter's Poets is an all natural alternative to the "same O same O". Potter's Poets is composed of 2 man ingredients: Caleb and Mike. This musical duo serves-up songs with saucy lyrics and meaningful melodies.

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Potter's Poets
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First 100 people to subscribe to $10 a month will get a 2inch x 2inch painting, by Caleb:singer/songwriter/painter/poet
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