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Pixels get sneak peeks at the content as it's developed and as a group can poll to decide certain outcomes and plot developments- meaning you can help to personally lead some of the non major decisions or as fans lead a character into a long anticipated ark. Or even decide who makes an appearance as the fan favorite side characters? It will be fun and community engaging, we will try to keep it spoiler free.
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You get all the perks of the Pixels

Titanium Joysticks are the solid driving force for the budget, meaning you get to have your name in the Credits and an invitation for a special first season closure.

Special future perks, meaning if any discord roles or other general base perks are released you get the added benefits.

--A special film feature for these donators will be made at every goal achieved. This video will be open to the public and not an incentive for donation, though notable.-- 




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About KeoCorpAnimation

Hello mighty Patrons, this is Keo here to talk to you guys about my long time passion- not to become YouTube famous, but to create short films! We have all seen the greatly and poorly made Gmod or SFM videos on youtube.. Some have great content, others are charming in the sense that they are spontaneous and wild? I however want to take a step forward using the assets of virtual reality, model rigging, and animation to create quality content based around gaming and comedy with high hopes for an entirely original series once enough support and fans come about. It's not my intention to replace my salary with Patreon and the initial donations will go towards obtaining the equipment needed, but I do want to.. At some point, have "in house" voice actors and model creators for all content made.

I currently do not have a pc or a full capture vr system, however if the minimum payment loan costs can be paid for by the patrons I /will/ have it and begin giving back with content.
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This is my very baseline, getting 50 dollars a month means I can acquire the computer and assets I need to get started. The content uploaded would be enjoyable gaming videos to shorten the gap of production and the wait for you subscribers is more enjoyable.
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