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A shout out from each podcast on the network, for 1 month. If you are looking for something specific to be said just let us know!
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Big fan a podcast on the network? get early access to their podcast(s) for 1 week along with access to a private discord server to talk with the hosts and other fans.
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You choose the podcast, you set the topic! Also includes previous tiers benefits

Choose from over 20 podcasts, with you choice of 4 total guest appearances per month

Choose you favorite podcast on the network, let us know the topic and get a 20 minute spot the next time it records to get your views heard! 




Hey Guys! 

My name is Adam and i am the founder of the Pulse Podcast Network. My aim is to bring you - the listener, top quality podcasts covering a multitude of topics all under one roof whilst offering you the chance to be engaged with the podcasts throughout the network! 

We will be offering multiple tiers of membership, each with its own unique benefits and also sponsorship opportunites!.
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This amount per week would enable me to pay the podcasts on the network, whilst allowing me to invest in a clothing range and website updates! 

It also makes us more attractive to other podcasts
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