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is creating a book that empowers our young to love determinedly.

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My hope is to be able to print and distribute this book, immediately.  Thank you for helping to make this happen...

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Your heart can help many children value their own...  This book truly supports a child's awareness of his/her own power of love...

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 Watch The Changes In Our Animals~Watch The Changes In Our Skies helps each one of us to remember that the power of our hearts make change... The book encourages people of all ages to love BIG...  It honors the children and each person's uniqueness, in a way that invites our world to be more aware of how important inner goodness and powerful kindness are in making a brighter, lighter, more heavenly world...



     Our humanity plays a vital role in the upward-inward workings of divine connection. That connection exists eternally with or without our awareness. More times than we think, animals are brought to our lives to further this awareness and higher growth. The same is true of those in relationship with us in the human form. We are one “larger working” than most people are aware of, this tribe of one humanity, in which we’re all a part (not apart). In essence, we assist the “all” of humanity within the workings of our own individual learnings. The light within one human being, throughout the course of it’s development, influences that of all others, not only through the mind and the mind’s consciousness at that moment, but through the light that is continuously our eternal being-state. We are eternal souls in a destiny of growth, as life nudges us forward to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE in a much more committed life journey towards our divine nature, which is forever connected with the greater calling of our individual life work.

     This book is simple and made for children to snuggle up with.  Mama, Papa, Caregivers and loved ones can enjoy special time together, as a shared moment that reminds a dear heart just how powerful it’s L... O... V... E... truly is.

Heaven, the Angels, God the Creator and that mirror reflection that we may someday perceive within ourselves, assists our evolving humanity, as it moves towards a more active manifestation of each act of love in creation-manifest. Love in action is the most important component of these writings, for it is OUR responsibility to make our world brighter, lighter and more heavenly...

     For over 27 years, the Angels have shown me and have wanted for our human race to ‘Watch the changes in our animals, as well as in the skies’. Many animals are truly teachers and know from within, far greater than we as humans may, that love and compassion are ever so important. Humanity is in an evolution of change...  Our love matters dearly. Many of our animals are more aware of this than we may know. We can witness, learn from this and partake in these same ways, within our human-being-ness.
 Let love matter, dear friends... Light the skies with your hearts... 
(The Little One: A Teacher)       

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