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Thanks for visiting my Patreon.. I'd like to think you are discovering this because you've experienced a little of what I am about..  I am a wanna'been Dad, having been divorced and restricted from my sons..  I am a experienced liver of life..  A somewhat traveled guy.. And I've read a little..  Having come from a religious background I had to thoroughly assess my beliefs, and am rather open to discuss them..  What I've come to believe may surprise you..  I'd be honored to continue to live and help others with a gift from you in my wallet..  My overreaching goal in life is to ring in the year 2050.. Anything more is a bonus..  What an incredible world we may be headed toward.. C'mon along, let's move forward together..
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My wife and I live beneath our means..  We would simply like to pay the small debt we do have and act even more rationally toward our future..  This goal will add to our life and ability to share it because we will be far more free to travel and share our experiences..
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