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THANK YOU FOR THE DONATION. This donation will really help me on my way to my dream channel and making enjoyable content. THANK YOU AGAIN
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THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will shout you out on my channel and make it meaningful not a quick "oh and this guy became a patron" no I will make sure that you are appreciated very much.  THANK YOU
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THANK YOU. WOW TEN DOLLARS IS THE BEST. THANK YOU. For ten dollars per month I will play a game of your choice AND shout you out on that video. Again thank you for this it was really helpful!!! :D




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Hi to anyone coming to my Patreon page, thank you for taking time out of your day coming here it is really great! My page is about making donations to me so I can build my YouTube Channel, MrHernXD, with you guys! I really enjoy doing YouTube and giving out content but.... my setup is bad, if I want to build it up I need you guys to help out so I can keep putting exciting content for you guys to watch. Anything would help, 10 bucks, a dollar, even a penny is greatly appreciated many blessings upon your soul. That's basically what this is about so if you want to help out or at least see my channel, THANK YOU!
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