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Many moons ago, quickly approaching 600 moons to be exact, I was born. Shortly thereafter, (no seriously), I started my lifetime fascination with all things Milsurp with some military history thrown in for fun. This interest led me into the Marine Corps where I ended up spending just over 20 years, even if it was in a slightly round about way.

After my Marine Corps retirement, I have spent some time as an armorer in the entertainment industry, I teach CCW classes, and continue to spend time each day working on firearms, ammunition, or researching and passing on the knowledge I've gained in these decades.With an almost photographic memory, I have a knack for being able to cite source material, of which I have an extensive library and over the years I have been able to cultivate connections within the firearms community that put me in a unique place to pass along information and experiences not available to everyone, especially those with a busy schedule.

Speaking of a busy schedule, I currently do have a regular job, but it is my goal (especially with your support) to offer unique, educational, and entertaining content to pass along my expertise and love of all things Milsurp. I may be just a regular guy, but starting with the launch of my website and Patreon page, I'm now The Milsurp Guy. Thank God there's not a cape involved, but maybe in the near future a theme song?

I plan to post videos on the various Milsurp weaponry and to conduct various tests to dispel (when appropriate) common myths or internet rumors surrounding those weapons.  I will also be covering detailed history, disassembly, and instructional videos on those same weapons. Depending on the response to my posting and the support I receive, I will be able to take "field trips" to different interesting locations to make videos for the viewing public and my supporters. I hope you like what you see and find some use in the information provided. If you do and you are able, please donate a dollar or more a month to help me in my endeavor to catalog all I know, the information I have and will publish, and bring you original, documented, and hopefully (dare I say?) riveting content.

Please see the tiers for differing perks and thanks for stopping by and hopefully contributing to the cause.
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