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I see myself as a teacher that is doing all I can! To make it possible for all teacher's to truly assist their students and as a member of society just like the next person, having access to resources and legal aid. I am working to build a self-growing support structure.

Jews, Muslims and Roma people live in the UK with dual legal structures: their own community courts and the UK’s national courts. How can we effectively promote a system for coexistence at law, supporting members of these communities to protect their community and individual identities within the UK legal structure?

This project aims to develop a safe and cohesive, growing network to understand these multiple identities and to help them coexist within UK society.

I am building a company that will be the support behind an the work of assisting all; individuals, establishments and Government/Social Services. It is being built around my academic work, which I am currently on a Masters in Research to facilitate me in accessing a PhD to develop it into a Research Project. 


I am short of time and means, and will be able to update as the support comes in. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me to ask about that which I do and its details.

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