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The past 5 years of my life I made it my business to investigate, read and watch everything possible about Vaccines. Especially when the father of my 2 oldest children became very ill after his time in the military. I researched the anthrax vaccine and all childhood vaccines. I also learned about civilizations 5000 years old with hot & cold running running water that also had toilets. These people survived 2000 years without vaccines! I wanted to know when they came into play and who really benefited from them? I want to share it with you! I also talk about 911, Chemtrails, GMOs, Agenda 21 and more!

In this video I cover an entire presentation on the Anthrax Vaccine by Dr. Meryl Nass to which I am immensely grateful to. Thank you Dr. Nass for all your time, energy and expertise. Her presentation and information proves all that is wrong with the way Vaccine Manufacturing Companies run and how disturbing it is to learn how Vaccines get voted in. It is truly a nightmare to have noticed how they lack questioning or are just used to not questioning anymore! 
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Right now I would like to get a mic so I sound better. Not happy about the sound quality I'm giving you guys. I'm a mom of 4 who researches and talks about topics that are hard to touch up on. I'm not afraid of talking about vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, Agenda 21, Qanon, Potus, The New World Order and Shady Big Pharma. I do it with love and passion. Keeping the peace and unity is very important to me during our great awakening. I don't like injustices and I make it my business to expose them. It will help me provide for my family while I help humanity in the best possible way I can.
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