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Welcome to The Podcast Beyond The Pines!
Thank you for making your way to our Patreon page! With that being said let us explain our purpose here on Patreon. All of us at The Podcast Beyond The Pines strive to bring you free high quality content as frequently as we can. As we all know life gets busy and my co-host and I don’t spin Podcasts for a living, but more of a hobby. This hobby of course comes with a few expenses for equipment and monthly fees to bring you all free content wherever you find your Podcasts, because believe it or not it costs money to publish these things. SO, we are asking YOU for a little support. If you like what we do and feel we deserve a couple of bucks we greatly appreciate it. We aren’t asking for much. In fact we are just looking for a little something here and there to potentially offset some of our monthly costs to continue to provide you all with content. Any influx of funding from the community will be put directly into our show, the equipment we use, and the fees we pay to host the show. We aren’t looking to fatten our pockets, but instead to supply you folks with a few laughs and some good stories! Thank you all again so much and stay tuned to....The Podcast Beyond The Pines.
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Reaching our first goal will allow us to offset 1/3 of the cost of our new recording hardware, more frequent episodes, and merchandise research.
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