spelkluben 05

is creating youtube videos/animations
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Any amount of donations helps and this is the same. With this you get a special role along with a chat room in the discord server with other patreon suporters and HRs
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Anyone buying this here is a message….thank you. With this you get the second discord role and you get your own stick figure i can use in one of the animations once every month
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With this tier you get the third patreon discord rank along with getting to tell me your idea for a stickman animation you want depending what it is i will grant you it
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About spelkluben 05

I'm just a guy that enjoys creating youtube videos and small animations.......and sometimes I make a small little game with the knowledge I have.
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When I reach this number ill release a special thank you video on my channel an animation with more then 15 minutes of time.
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