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I'm  a huge audi fan and always wanted to build 1 off cars and through the years I have seen a lot of others like myself wanting to see what could be done. In my years of building things i have learned one thing... ANYTHING can be done, it's about how hard your willing to work and how much your willing to pay.  I'd like to build these dream machines and give them away to fans of the journey I plan on talking. I am very new to this type of content, but I do have a very strong team willing to help me achieve this goal. ANY support given would be appreciated.
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My first build is going to be making the 1st S8L! The audi d3 is a flagship sedan for audi and was a car for the guys who could afford a Mercedes, but wanted to be different. It is a beautiful piece of machinery but lacked a certain amount of power. I plan on Buying a salvaged s8 and transplanting the heart of the beast into the base model vehicle. I have gotten support from a group on facebook that would love to see it done because now more than ever are these cars affordable and the great weekend project for most car enthusiasts. I hate how some people say to "just buy the right model" and so do a lot of others. Help me show others that we can make our dreams come true.
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