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is creating Documentary about the tiny house Movement in Europe
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I will answer 10 questions regarding tiny living. Honest answers only =)
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I will answer 20 questions regarding tiny living and send you pictures or videos to clarify. Also a 15 min. Skype call with me is included.
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About The Tiny Europe

My name is Gabriela and I personally live in a tiny house on wheels since 2017.
I have started a video documentary on tiny living in Europe for YouTube via my channel „The Tiny Europe“ in 2018
Through Patreon, you have an opportunity to be a part of my documentary and help me create better quality content. And not only. Your support will allow me to create my videos by helping to pay the editing team. Also your support will contribute to travel costs and will help me reach even more people living tiny and spreading out more and more stories.

My aim is to eventually publish a new story every 2 weeks. They will be from all over Europe, from each country, from each culture. From each family or social type. From employed owners to freelancers. From young to mature. From city to rural.
The stories of these heroes might be your own. Their answers might meet up your questions and help you decide if „tiny“ is your thing. The reason I have decided to start this documentary is because when I was dreaming of building my tiny house in 2016 there was no information on Tiny Houses in Europe I could relate to.

Six episodes await editing already.
They will be about two tiny house builders in Germany, four families living in tiny houses in the Netherlands and one from Austria and one artist having its tiny house build right now.
As a Tiny Europe patron, you'll get access to behind the scenes content and direct contact with me for sharing my tiny living experience with you. My plan is to publish an e-books that will be offered to Patrons at a significant discount.

Patrons with „more Wheels Contribution“ can also decide questions they want me to ask and countries they want me to visit.

Thank-you for your support!

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When I reach 500 $ per month I will launch the first 2 episodes of the documentary. The money will be used to pay the editing team.
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