Jordan TK

is creating traditional and digital artwork, along with forms of writing.
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Kitties are the lowest level tier, and can request sketches and flat lineart, along with stories up to 5,000 words, and short poems. Kitties do not have access to raffles.
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Puppies are the middle tier, and can request sketches, flat line art, colored drawings, and shaded drawings, along with stories up to 10,000 words, and long poems. Puppies do not have access to raffles.
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Steamos are the ultimate tier, and can request any form of artwork, along with stories up to 50,000 words, and long poems. Steamos have access to raffles.




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About Jordan TK

Hi! I'm Jordan TK, but just call me Jordan! I'm a self taught artist / writer, and I'm still honing my skills every day! 

I'll be giving out free requests to all my patrons, releasing artwork and stories to them before it goes public, and even doing occasional raffles! 

Forms of traditional work:
Colored pencil drawings
Oil pastel drawings
Flat-lined drawings
Flat-color drawings

Forms of digital work:
Character references
Flat color drawings
Fully shaded drawings

Forms of writing:
Short stories (Fictional)
Stories (Fictional)
Articles (Factual)

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Starting small, I'd like to see if I have at least 10 people who enjoy my artwork! Once I'm absolutely positive this isn't some big waste of time, I'll start investing more time into making rewards for my patrons! I'll also start working on projects more so I can release them to you guys.
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