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Studly Vegan came about while reflecting on my own process of becoming vegan, and how difficult it can be to figure out what the hell you’re gonna eat. I wanted to create a fun-loving, serialized cooking show that someone who has absolutely no cooking experience would enjoy.

The show, Studly Vegan, will join the small group of pioneering vegan lifestyle channels that are out there now, but instead of being in a kitchen, we will have a new, beautiful, outdoor location for each week.

I envision this project in 3 phases:

1. Developmental Stage - getting the nuts and bolts of the show into place, finding out what works, designing menus, hosting guest stars, working with locations, etc.

2. Launch - a YouTube and social media based launch that is designed so that the audience can cook along with us 5 nights a week.

3. Tour - we would tour the show across the U.S., following the growing season and visiting towns and farms, exploring what's edible, vegan, and studly.

We know from the proliferation of vegan restaurants, food products in grocery stores, and sharing of animal cruelty videos online, that the vegan trend is on fire. So, clearly there is a growing audience that is hungry for this information, —especially younger audiences who may be learning to cook for the first time. Studly Vegan needs to be the place they turn to for this critical information so that we can get people heathy and make conscious consumers of them- all while doing it in a positive, fun-loving way!
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