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As an aspiring photographer I became increasingly interested in the creative artistic process the lies beneath a theatrical persona or character, and the ordeals the actor goes through to reach her or his full potential. I have been trying to bring that to light and bare witness to that rather unknown aspect of creative work through images and bring that testimony from the shadows into the light.
Being a rather time-consuming endeavor I do have, like most creative types, a proclivity to procrastinate the monetizing decision-making aspect. I really tried not to think much about it until one fine day I thought "Hey this is a really cool stuff that I am doing, it's going rather well. But what do I do with it? Do I lock it away and one day my grandsons delete the records of this. Maybe I should make it into a book or something that survives (even if it is only in the minds of a handful of people) and how do I do it? How much does it cost?" What I found out is that the endeavor is not only time-consuming but money-consuming, and I do have a family to attend and take care of. So there you are another penniless artist for you to help turn into a worldwide sensation...ok a local-wide sensation.
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When I reach $500 a month I will buy a new camera because mine is pretty worn out, the poor thing.
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