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About Nestor Gomez

My name is Nestor Gomez, I was born in Guatemala and have been a resident of Chicago for the last 30 years. In recent years I became a storyteller sharing my personal live stories in front of live audience at show like the Moth, Snap judgement and others. Some of my stories have been featured at the Moth radio hour.
A couple of years ago I started my own storytelling show Eighty Minutes around the World which features first person narratives by immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and allies who come from a range of geographical, economic and gender backgrounds. Commentary on these stories as well as the stories themselves intend to communicate a broader understanding of the myriad reasons behind immigration patterns. The hope is that these stories will create bridges both within and beyond immigrant and marginalized communities while reducing erroneous conceptions regarding the struggles, motives and goals of refugees and immigrants.
But I need help to bring my show to more cities across the USA. I need your help in order to cover the cost of travel, renting of venues, advertisement for the show, and payments to storytellers.

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