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About inZane Comics

Hi, my name is Zain and I’m the writer for The Elemental Balance. I’ve always had a passion for writing stories. In fact, my first story “Game Plan” was written to impress my wife. Spoiler alert, it paid off! I find it rewarding to bring entertainment to people, that’s my niche! My style of storytelling is grounded in reality but, nonetheless, is fiction. Characters are set in unrealistic situations but have very relatable emotions. Imagine if someone could achieve greatness with a determined will, how would they react if they had powers? This is what my stories are rooted in….emotions!

It’s fascinating what the human will allows us to achieve. They say the human body can bend steel, but the brain limits it. Isn’t that amazing how our body functions? The world around us is fascinating because its full of mysteries. Our reality seems fictitious because we’re a MIRACLE and the celebration of LIFE fuels the stories I write!

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