Mark MacDonald

is creating Solar tracking, electronics, 3d, software, music, and more!
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My friends give meaning to my work. Amigos get access to unlisted workbench videos and time lapse sequences.
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In addition to access to all private content, get a free 3d print of any featured objects 10x10x10cm or smaller every month!
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You are an explorer of new ideas. Get a prototype single-coil pickup in one of our test profiles.

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About Mark MacDonald

Welcome my virtual visitors! You have come to a place where few have ventured, but many have wondered about.  This is where you can get a deeper look into my creation process and share in the journey of exploration and making. A lot of my projects combine knowledge I've learned throughout life about how things are built, electronics, computers, physics, solar energy, music, and more!
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When I reach $1000 earnings I will file a utility patent for my special electric guitar pickup coil design! I can save a lot as a "micro" entity on filing fees but I still need support to help make this a reality. Please help me secure steady income by patenting this intellectual property!
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